Here, in this place, is where I will present and discuss the myriad of dreams, what they are, and how they affect so many aspects of my own existence. I not only find that they are inspirational to writing but that they are also indicators of what is affecting my waking life.

For the most part, this blog is for myself and my own purposes including keeping my skills sharp, and my mind and it’s imagination from going stagnant. Anyone is free to come here and read what I have logged and agree with my words, or disagree with them as they see fit. This is for me and not for anyone else, but will always remain open for anyone else who chooses to contribute, or to comment. Others who wish to share their own dream experiences whether they are profound, troublesome, depressing, exciting, fun, or whatever, are welcome to share as well. I only ask that trolling, criticism, and abuse be kept far away from my dream blog. This is not a soapbox or a forum, and no one is “Right” or “Wrong” here.

You dear readers, may also find similarities to your own dreams and may even find yourselves feeling the same way I do, and why not? We are all human beings who experience the same psychological events, traumas, joys, sorrows, etc. and our brains deal with them in the same ways. So read and share, if you like, and perhaps for those who feel alone, we can see that we really aren’t, when so many others share our emotions and feel as we do.
Thank You visiting,
T.P. Anderson
aka Moonman Alpha


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