Director of the Film

I had this dream last night, where I was made the director of my own film. I had a crew, and a set, but no actual script or budget apparently. My film was about a U.S. soldier during World War 2, and that’s it! Hahaha! There was only one scene ready to go and it didn’t make much sense. The scene had the soldier arriving at a chalet in German-occupied territory somewhere. How he got there, why he was there, and why he was alone, were not explained, only “givens”. Since the script was apparently only in my head, I ran down how the first scene was to go, by acting it out myself.

The scene had the soldier arrive at the chalet and sneak around trying not to be noticed by the Nazis that were in residence there. Creeping along an exterior wall listening for enemy chatter, was most of what the scene entailed. There was also an alternate set up for the soldier arriving at the chalet by swimming through an underwater tunnel beneath the chalet and popping up through the ice of the frozen pond or lake behind the chalet. It was kind of odd. Before, I could get very far into the dream, I woke, as is typical. When I did fall back asleep, I was returned to the dream (I love it when that happens with a dream I’m enjoying, like this one). This time though, my time was spent trying to locate the actor who was to play the soldier and getting some of the crew to start getting to work. I can’t recall most of the details, but there was a part where there was another scene being worked on. This second scene involved a fighter plane, a field, a wooden fence, and someone running, dodging, and trying to hide from the plane. The scene was snow-covered, like part of scene 1 was.

The dream wasn’t very helpful in telling me anything or inspiring me, BUT, it did make me want to work on one of my screenplays. I don’t actually have any that involve World War 2 nor do I have any immediate plans to create one. I’ll see what I feel like working on.


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