That Damn, Annoying Ghost

When I lived in Anaheim, California where I grew up, I used to have these damned dreams that took place entirely within my bedroom. For whatever reason, in my dreams, my bedroom was haunted by a ghost, or at least inhabited, by an oppressive spirit. Now, I don’t actually believe in either one, as there is not enough evidence to support the existence of either, but I have always loved the subject going all the way back to the 70s.

The dreams went like this… I would find myself in my room and would suddenly get this powerful sensation that I was not alone. I would feel anxious, panicked, and would quickly develop the desire to flee the room as quickly as possible. As soon as I would make the decision to exist the area, that’s when the “attack” would take place. The ghost/spirit would take hold of me and prevent me from being able to move at all. I would not be able to get to the door, and would only be able to remain motionless. Usually, the force would pull me back into the corner of the room furthest from the door with me struggling the whole time, trying to get free and escape. My mind would be overcome with panic and anxiety and it would feel as if the ghost/spirit was inflicting psychological attacks upon me. Eventually, the force would let up, the attack would lessen, and I would be able the room. Then I would find myself dreading having to return to the room, since, in the dream, I HAD to return to the room at some point. Apparently, the concept of taking over a different room in the house was not an option or consideration. Sometimes the dreams would start with me sleeping, or trying to sleep within the dream, with the ghost/spirit using only minimal influence on me to interfere with my sleep. It wouldn’t be holding  me back or shoving me into a corner but it would be there, oppressing me and causing me panic.

Thankfully, these dreams have all but vanished but every once in a long while, I’ll revisit them, much to my dismay.


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