The Fantasies of a Child, Strange Creatures, Tiny Worlds of Wonder

When I was a single-digit child (ages 3-9), I used to have dreams that involved finding tiny worlds populated by strange creatures that I desperately wanted to go into. I couldn’t though, because I was too big to get into them. Where did I find these “tiny worlds”? Well, they were usually located in my very own bedroom inside of a small hole in the bedroom wall down at the baseboard level. Imagine a the typical mouse hole that you’d seen in cartoons or movies and that is basically what the entrances to these places looked like. Of course though, there never was any mouse.

Of my many projects I currently have in production right now, one of them is slated as a pure kid’s story involving the elements and “premises” that those old childhood dreams were based on. Well, actually, there really wasn’t any premise that I can remember but creating a premise isn’t difficult. The environment, the atmosphere, and a rudimentary concept of the characters, were already created by the dreams. The potential story itself, just needs to have a premise added than have all of the details fleshed out.

I guess the dreams were inspired by the cartoons, the stop motion and Claymation animated programs of the late 70s, and with Disney being a large influence in the contribution to the atmosphere and the character style in the dreams. Most of the time, it was like a Gulliver syndrome, where I was Gulliver and the hole-in-the-wall worlds and their denizens were the Lilliputians. I wanted to be a part of their world but just didn’t belong there. I do remember, however, that on at least a couple of occasions, I actually shrunk down to their size and was able to enter into and co-mingle with the denizens. I don’t know how it was achieved, the dream itself made that decision. I do recall that I wasn’t able to stay for very long and would find myself back to normal size, feeling bummed out, and longing to return to their world. I could talk to them through the hole, but they could not enter into MY world for whatever reason.

So these dreams inspired me to turn them into a kid’s story. They say that writing kid’s books is difficult but when you are a child at heart, it is a lot easier to maintain seeing things from a child’s point of view. Combine this with being able to remember a great deal of what my childhood was like, how I felt, and how I viewed the world, it is not much of a challenge for me to write a kid’s book. Just making sure to get the dialogue right, is really the only challenge I see. All-in-all, a story about a kid and a mysterious, magical world that exists beyond a hole in his bedroom wall that is filled with amazing and odd creatures, sounds like a win to me.

It may be worth nothing, that I have an interest in, and a desire to write in, many different genres. I do not yet know which genre I am the best at but I will find out. Drama, Children’s, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Teen/Pre-Teen genres are all on the drawing board right now and we will see which of those current styles turns out to be the best. Full-length novels, novellas, short stories, and screenplays, comprise the current formats being used for those styles so I am running the gamut of options.


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