Giant Things, Flying Things, and Zombies, Oh My

I had another one of those dreams, well actually it was a few dreams intertwined into a single dream, where I had to face off against some giant creatures. There is usually an advanced warning that something is on its way in these dreams and this one was no different. The setting was at night, dreary, quiet, with no traffic and no people around. In fact, oddly enough, the whole scene looked like a custom map made for Garry’s Mod. In addition to the pending “doom” of the arrival of this giant creature, there were zombies scattered around in various locals. In these dreams, I usually take a proactive approach and try to get the jump on the adversary. I made my way to where this creature was supposed to appear/arrive and waited around but there was no sign of it. I scanned the skies to see if it was one of the flying types, the kind that are impossible to hide from as they always know where you take cover and can always rip the roof of of the place you’re hiding in. I didn’t see one of the fliers around anywhere either.
These dreams with the giant creatures and flying creatures might have something to do with a form of megalophobia which I never considered myself having. Of course, they ARE dreams and as we all know, dreams are the subconscious mind’s way of reminding/informing you of things in your waking life that are affecting you or that need to be dealt with, but I digress.
So after no creatures showed up, even though I “psychically” KNEW they were coming, I found that something almost as bad had arrived; It was a giant tornado. It wasn’t a normal tornado, it was in fact, a tornado straight out of the “Tornado Map Pack” addon for Garry’s Mod. I had jumped into a truck/van-type vehicle in order to effect a get away but the tornado scooped me up. When it did, my dream turned into a third-person view and I watched myself lifted into the air, tossed around, and then dropped back to Earth. I knew there would be very little damage because in Garry’s Mod sandbox mode, you can fall for miles and only lose 1/10th of your health, which is exactly what happened. Why were elements of Garry’s Mod even being used in my dream anyway? I haven’t even launched that game in over a week nor have I even thought about it.
Sigh… so anyway, after recovering from that I cruised around through various buildings where I saw a few other people who were scrambling around. Nearby was a boat, on it’s side, about 40 feet long or so, just lying on it’s side on the ground with no water, lakes, or oceans in sight. I guess the tornado left it there, since that makes the most sense. About 20 feet from the boat, in the direction that the top of the deck was facing, there were two dudes behind a makeshift barrier and they were armed. They informed me that there were zombies in the boat and that there were preparing to emerge from below deck at any time. Of course, I suddenly discovered that I had a modified H&K MP5 with a bipod, so I set it up on the makeshift barrier and looked down the sights. A few seconds later, zombies started appearing on the boat’s deck. Now it was really dark and I didn’t actually see them come up through any hatches but there they were anyway so I started aiming and shooting. It was actually quite fun as the MP5 that magically appeared in my hands had no recoil at all and I was taking down zombies easily. The other two guys that were there were also shooting, I think, and I believe I only got 3 or 4 zombies before I ran out of bullets. So then I climbed up onto the slanted deck of the grounded boat and looked around for more. All I saw was a rusted-shut iron hatch and figured it was time to move on. something told me that I needed to make my way back over to where the giant creature was supposed to arrive, so myself and one of those dudes that was there at the boat began to head over there. Now, only a few feet from the boat, around on the other side of it, came another zombie. He came shuffling over a pile of debris that looked like something from out of The Terminator from one of the future scenes. There were several other similar piles of debris with what looked like bodies in them and some were burning with low flames. I had the MP5 in my hand, and some other rifle slung over my right shoulder, but neither had any ammo. I knew I had to take the zombie out so I grabbed a garden trowel that I saw on the ground, and I began stabbing it in the head over and over. To my chagrin, the garden trowel could not penetrate the zombie’s skull so my attacks were useless as it tried to claw me and bite me. My so-called “buddy”, who was helping me out moments earlier, was doing nothing to help me out now even though I called out to him. Poof… I woke up. I don’t know what happened after that, obviously.


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