Great Beings from Beyond

So I have been trying to complete the layout/outline of the first part of my (hopefully) epic story. If only I could have another dream involving the antagonist of the story, I could finish designing his appearance.
Oh right, I haven’t introduced my story on this blog yet, and will keep all pertinent details to myself for now, to keep plagiarists away.
Let me put it this way… The protagonist: a Gulf War veteran turned private investigator who specializes in missing persons cases.
The missing person: a renowned anthropologist and archaeologist.
The antagonist: a great unearthly being straight from the pages of the Goetia, Book 1 of the Lemegeton.
The secondary antagonist: the right hand/slave of the antagonist, a human infused with supernatural abilities.

Quite a bit of research is required as various locales in the story are real locations, as well as real people and events. I need to make sure I get them as accurate as possible. The characters and primary events of the story will be fictitious of course.
The exact time line is not set but I have toyed with using 1999 with the story culminating on or before the 2000 rollover. I also considered using December 21 2012 for the climax of the story but I’m not sure if I’m going to use either one of those past “doomsday” dates.


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You probably don't want to know... Besides, it's a secret ;).
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