The Missing Boy, Part 3

So now that I had “proof” that the missing boy was indeed at this abandoned nursery, or at least WAS there, I knew I had to get inside and look around.
I made my way back over to the entrance to the nursery which was a sliding, heavy wooden gate that rolled on steel wheels. The gate did not have any kid of shackle system in place so I didn’t know HOW it could be locked if it was so I grabbed the handle and pulled on the gate which slid open easily.
Looking inside, I saw the grounds of the nursery were almost entirely vacant. There were areas marked off with small, thin boards half-buried in the ground and sticking out only an inch or two. These served to create places for plants to be on display and each display had a stick or a post with a sign describing what the plants were, and I assume, the cost. A few of the display areas still had a plant of two in them but they were merely sticks jutting out of old black plastic pots with dried out soil inside. There were several light posts, like the kind out in the parking lot, only smaller, and they were situated around the display area. The lights were on but were dimmer and created a rather dismal and dreary scene. There didn’t appear to be anything useful in this display area, and no obvious clues to the boy’s whereabouts.
Looking around, there were two obvious areas to check out nest. One was the sales building over to the right, near the entrance, and situated up against the fence that surrounded the nursery. The other point of interest, was solid wooden “footbridge” that spanned what appeared to be a concrete aqueduct that ran along the back part of the nursery. I decided to check out the sales office first.
The sales office was small, wooden, but solidly built building, with a single door that led into it. The door was situated near the right-hand side of the building and was like the kind you normally see attached to a garage and it had a window in it, it was not any kind of security door. The building itself was only about 20 feet long and about 10 feet wide. I turned the knob and the door opened. I didn’t seem to realize that no doors or gates were locked around here at this abandoned nursery, it just didn’t register at the time, so I went in. Inside the sales office was a single room that was empty except for a sales counter immediately to the left. There was a simple cash register still on the counter but nothing else. Behind the counter was another door that appeared to lead into a back room. Again, this other door was not locked and the room behind it was also empty; it looked like a “break room” for employees. Well, the only place left to look was that footbridge outside and I should check it out and the aqueduct that it crossed over.
I made my way over to bridge and saw that a concrete aqueduct ran alongside the back of the nursery and was bordered by a short chain link fence, rather than the wooden fence that ran along the other three sides of the nursery. The footbridge was accessed by a chin link fence gate, unlocked of course, that allowed people to exit the nursery, cross over the footbridge and get to the other side where there was basically nothing but fields and grasses that were all around outside the nursery proper. The aqueduct and footbridge were clearly maintained and were not part of the nursery but likely state or county-owned and controlled. I don’t know why thee was a footbridge connecting the interior of the nursery with the outside, it just didn’t make sense. The footbridge itself was solidly built and made of thick wooden beams and boards. Below it, was a 10-foot wide concrete aqueduct that was about 8-feet deep. I walked out onto the footbridge and looked over the side, down into the aqueduct. There WAS water running through it but it was, only about 3 feet deep or so. The interior sides of the aqueduct were slanted at a 35 degree angle so that it formed a V-shape.
I stood there, leaning on the footbridge hand-railing, and stared down into the slow-moving water passing beneath me. Suddenly, but slowly, the semi-transparent image of a boy formed under the water. It was the same ghostly image I had seen in the green shack out in front of the nursery. Only this image, was of that of boy suspended underwater the way a a water-logged body would be, just bobbing in the surface. His eyes were blank and it was clear that this image was that of a dead child. After several moments, the ghostly images faded away. At this time, I had a revelation. The boy was indeed deceased, he drowned in the aqueduct. But why? How? What was he doing way out here? How did he get here? Was he brought here by someone and murdered? Was his drowning an accident? None of these questions could be answered. There was no physical body to prove the boy was even dead, only the appearance of his ghost, was the “proof” that I had. Maybe there were one of more key parts of the dream that I had completely forgotten after I woke up, or maybe I woke up before the dream to properly ended. I don’t know. But even after all of these years, this dream still bothers me as it has always seemed like I was being called upon to solve a mystery and the answer was being given to me via a dream.


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