The Missing Boy, Part 2

I had to get into that abandoned nursery and look around. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for but if I found a boy, or the remains of one, or anything related to where he was before he vanished, such as a recent ticket stub, then I knew I would be on the right track. As I faced the gated entrance, something caught my eye over to the right. One of those, “corner of my eye” things that makes you whip your head over. It seemed to have come from in front of the green shack over near the highway. I decided to check it out despite the fact that night had officially fallen, and I could barely see anything.
I walked over to the green shack and faced it, I saw that it was a simple shack with a simple door made from a single sheet of plywood supported by two hinges. The side with the handle, had a basic handle of the kind you’d find on any kitchen cupboard. One of those latches that you can stick a padlock onto in order to secure the door, was hanging open. With little hesitation, I grabbed the handle and pulled the flimsy plywood door open. There, in the darkness inside, I caught a quick glimpse of a transparent boy standing with his arms at his sides, and a blank expression on his face. Within the span of 2 seconds, he faded away from sight, and I doubted at first, that I had actually seen him. Only the dim moonlight and the residual light from the light poles on the other end of the parking area illuminated the area, but I was still able to see fairly clearly through the darkness inside the shack. It was a dream, so sense was suspended. I felt compelled to search the inside of the shack even though it appeared to be empty. I noticed fairly quickly that the back inside wall of the shack seemed to be placed much further forward than the outside of the shack would imply. Clearly, it seemed, there must have been a space between this interior wall and the outer wall of the shack; perhaps this was a false panel. I pushed on the on the back wall in it gave slightly. The wall appeared to be made of simple plywood just like the door and I scanned around the top, bottom, and right-hand side edge of this “wall” and found that there was a tiny gap. Clearly, this was another door but it had no handle and no visible hinges. I pushed forcibly on the right-hand side of the door, heard a click, and the “wall” gently swung towards me an inch or so. It appeared to have been held in place with a magnetic “clasp” like the kind you find on computer desks or other cabinets doors. Swinging open the inner door, I saw only more darkness, until I looked downward. There, on the floor of this hidden space behind a false wall, was a movie theater-style popcorn container. The container was clearly in used but like-new condition so it had been put there very recently. But why? Why was it there in this secret place? Was it hidden there? Was it left behind there? I had to enter the nursery proper, and I knew the rest of the answers would be found within.


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You probably don't want to know... Besides, it's a secret ;).
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