The Missing Boy

One of the dreams that has always had the most profound affect on me, occurred somewhere between 1991 and 1993, I don’t recall exactly, as I no longer possess that original dream journal. I had documented the dream in detail and even generated numerous drawings depicting important scenes and details about the dream including drawings of the dream’s location. What was the dream about? It was about a missing boy who disappeared from a movie theater where his parents had dropped him off.

The boy had no name, as far as I can remember, and his description evades me, although I would recognize him if I saw him right now. The only real detail that was presented in the dream, was that he really liked popcorn. The name of the movie he was to see, the time he arrived, the time the movie ended, the time he was to be picked up or expected to arrive at home, were all unknown. Somehow, for some reason, I became entangled in the search for the boy.
The boy was reported missing by his parents when he never showed up after the movie ended, and the next thing I knew, I found myself looking for him. I did not actually go searching around in or around the theater or even anywhere near the theater proper. Instead, I suddenly found myself on the edge of a single lane highway far from any cities, towns, or communities with just rolling green hills and mountains in the distance. The sky was dark and overcast and it was near dusk, with little ambient light available making the whole scene gloomy and gave the feeling of foreboding. Trees sporadically lined the edge of the highway in both directions and ran the full length on the right hand side but were more sparse along the left. Large flat fields of grasses and typical wild flora were all that could be seen when I looked out over to the left. Behind me, the road continued back about a mile into the distance until it disappeared over a rise and vanished from sight. Ahead of me, the road also continued on for about a mile and disappeared over a rise on the horizon. To my right however, there was something that required attention. It was at this time that I noticed a dirt driveway leading into a large dirt parking lot just yards ahead. Something was there, situated off of the highway and I was standing at the turn off that led into it.

Looking around at what was before me, I saw a 6-foot-high wooden fence surrounding what was clearly a commercial property of some kind. the fence ran perpendicular to my point of view and included a wooden gate that was clearly closed, and probably locked. Directly opposite the gate was indeed, a large dirt parking lot. Near where I was standing, close to the highway turn off and at the end of the wooden fence, there was a small green-painted shack or tool shed. At the far end of the parking lot, was a barbwire fence separating the lot and property from the wild grassy fields that surrounded the area. A number of shade-producing trees with full leaves were place along the perimeter of the parking lot. Standing in the far left corner of the parking lot on the property-side of the barbwire fence, was a sign on top of a tall pole. The sign had no legible name on it but the word “Nursery” was clearly discernible. Why the sign for this business was not closer to the highway and easily visible to customers was not something that concerned me at the time, only afterwards. Then the scene clicked and I realized I was standing in the parking lot of a plant nursery which appeared to have been closed down or maybe even abandoned. It’s name was unknown and it was apparently locked up. On the other side of the wooden fence, I could see the top of a roof to a small building which was probably the sales office for the business. There were light poles visible inside the nursery and a few outside in the parking lot as well. Not surprisingly, when I noticed the presence of the lights, they kicked on from their timers and helped illuminate the now fully darkened area. Abandoned but still with working electricity, I had to wonder if it truly was abandoned. I had to get inside and look around, for something told me that I could find out what happened to the boy somewhere in, or around, this property.


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