Deciphering Dreams, or at least, TRYING to decipher them.

It has become clear that dreams serve a single purpose, and you can disagree if you want, but that purpose is for the subconscious mind to keep the conscious mind in remembrance of something. To clarify, if there is something I need to remember or if there is something that affects my waking life or has some kind of dramatic affect on how my life pans out, the subconscious mind will make sure that I do not forget it. This seems to even hold true for things that are perceived as “negative” by the conscious mind. The problem I find myself facing, is that the subconscious can’t seem to communicate with the conscious in any kind of easily perceivable manner. Almost like it is speaking in a foreign language and that dreams are some kind of translator that can’t do a very good job of translating.
I have found that when I’m being haunted by the same dream over and over, or by the same type of dream which may be a bit different every time, that it means that my subconscious is really trying to get my attention for something. As with the tsunami dream I used to suffer from, the subconscious really had a message it wanted to impart but I’m not sure what that message was. According to various resources, dreams about the ocean and tidal waves are supposed to signify that you are feeling overwhelmed in your daily life. I cannot recall the feeling of being overwhelmed as being that noticeable when I was on AD drugs. I DID feel it, but not as much as the constant dreams would have signified.
I still have total recall of dreams that I had way back as a single digit child all throughout my years up to the present. There is a reason WHY, and my subconscious is trying to keep me aware of many things but until I can decipher what it is trying to tell me, until I can decipher my subconscious mind’s own language, I will only be able to surmise.


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