The Ocean and anti-depressants

I rarely have them now, but when I was on anti-depressants, I used to have daily, or nearly daily, dreams about tsunamis. At some point in the dream, I would find myself on or very near a beach. I would always look out into the ocean and would expect to see a tidal wave out there looming. Of course, since it was a dream, there would always be a tidal wave inbound. In most cases, the wave would be hundreds of feet high while still miles off the coast.
As expected, I would immediately make a break for high ground. Whether I was actually on the sand or on a street or city block near the beach itself, it always seemed like I had a lot of time to get away. Other people who where in the area would sometimes see the approaching tidal wave but most people seemed oblivious. In most cases, I would never be able to actually get to a location where I could escape the flood but, for whatever reason, I could duck into a building like a hotel, or a store, or an office, or a beach house, and sometimes, a rundown beachfront shack. As soon I I’d pass the threshold of said safe building the tsunami would come crashing down. There would always be windows that would allow me to see the outside and instantly, the building would be completely submerged and all I could see was cloudy, murky sea water through the windows. Oddly enough, no building would ever be damaged by the impact of the tsunami, not even the rundown shack I would sometimes dive into. Also, no water could ever leak in through windows or under doors. I would be completely safe inside the building and would have to wait for the water to recede, which would take several minutes.
Once the water was gone and I could once again see the normal world outside the windows, I would emerge. They damage, would only ever be a lot of soaked ground, sometimes some seaweed, and various people who survived the flood and were unable to get to safety, drying themselves off. Inevitably, and expectedly, another tsunami would quickly appear on the horizon and the whole experience would begin again. Frightening in appearance but basically totally harmless, these tsunamis would just keep coming until I finally woke up.


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