How did I fit in there?

When it comes to driving cars in my dreams, two things take place.
1. My car shrinks into a small RC-type vehicles that no human can fit into.
2. The brakes on the car rarely work properly.

No matter where I go or what I find myself driving, when I stop and get out, the car I was in shrinks down into something much smaller. Then I find myself not being able to get back into it and even worse, find myself trying to figure out how I was inside the car in the first place. When deriving, my view from the inside is totally normal, it’s not a view of someone driving an RC-sized car, but a full-sized car. There are times when I can “will” myself into the small car and POOF, I will suddenly appear back inside it but can rarely stay that way. I would really like to know the meaning behind these types of dreams. They don’t happen very often, but when they do, they are annoying.

The even worse annoyance of driving, is when the brakes on the vehicle don’t work properly. Now, I can drive around and apply the brakes which will slow and stop the vehicle as normal. BUT, when I find myself stopped at a red light in the dream, I find that the vehicle very slowly idles forwards even with my foot on the brake. There is almost always another car in front of me, and I’ll find myself stepping down on the brake pedal as hard as I can with no effect. Interestingly enough, I don’t recall ever bumping into the car in front of me. This is another aspect of driving dreams I would love to know the meaning of.

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Director of the Film

I had this dream last night, where I was made the director of my own film. I had a crew, and a set, but no actual script or budget apparently. My film was about a U.S. soldier during World War 2, and that’s it! Hahaha! There was only one scene ready to go and it didn’t make much sense. The scene had the soldier arriving at a chalet in German-occupied territory somewhere. How he got there, why he was there, and why he was alone, were not explained, only “givens”. Since the script was apparently only in my head, I ran down how the first scene was to go, by acting it out myself.

The scene had the soldier arrive at the chalet and sneak around trying not to be noticed by the Nazis that were in residence there. Creeping along an exterior wall listening for enemy chatter, was most of what the scene entailed. There was also an alternate set up for the soldier arriving at the chalet by swimming through an underwater tunnel beneath the chalet and popping up through the ice of the frozen pond or lake behind the chalet. It was kind of odd. Before, I could get very far into the dream, I woke, as is typical. When I did fall back asleep, I was returned to the dream (I love it when that happens with a dream I’m enjoying, like this one). This time though, my time was spent trying to locate the actor who was to play the soldier and getting some of the crew to start getting to work. I can’t recall most of the details, but there was a part where there was another scene being worked on. This second scene involved a fighter plane, a field, a wooden fence, and someone running, dodging, and trying to hide from the plane. The scene was snow-covered, like part of scene 1 was.

The dream wasn’t very helpful in telling me anything or inspiring me, BUT, it did make me want to work on one of my screenplays. I don’t actually have any that involve World War 2 nor do I have any immediate plans to create one. I’ll see what I feel like working on.

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That Damn, Annoying Ghost

When I lived in Anaheim, California where I grew up, I used to have these damned dreams that took place entirely within my bedroom. For whatever reason, in my dreams, my bedroom was haunted by a ghost, or at least inhabited, by an oppressive spirit. Now, I don’t actually believe in either one, as there is not enough evidence to support the existence of either, but I have always loved the subject going all the way back to the 70s.

The dreams went like this… I would find myself in my room and would suddenly get this powerful sensation that I was not alone. I would feel anxious, panicked, and would quickly develop the desire to flee the room as quickly as possible. As soon as I would make the decision to exist the area, that’s when the “attack” would take place. The ghost/spirit would take hold of me and prevent me from being able to move at all. I would not be able to get to the door, and would only be able to remain motionless. Usually, the force would pull me back into the corner of the room furthest from the door with me struggling the whole time, trying to get free and escape. My mind would be overcome with panic and anxiety and it would feel as if the ghost/spirit was inflicting psychological attacks upon me. Eventually, the force would let up, the attack would lessen, and I would be able the room. Then I would find myself dreading having to return to the room, since, in the dream, I HAD to return to the room at some point. Apparently, the concept of taking over a different room in the house was not an option or consideration. Sometimes the dreams would start with me sleeping, or trying to sleep within the dream, with the ghost/spirit using only minimal influence on me to interfere with my sleep. It wouldn’t be holding¬† me back or shoving me into a corner but it would be there, oppressing me and causing me panic.

Thankfully, these dreams have all but vanished but every once in a long while, I’ll revisit them, much to my dismay.

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The Fantasies of a Child, Strange Creatures, Tiny Worlds of Wonder

When I was a single-digit child (ages 3-9), I used to have dreams that involved finding tiny worlds populated by strange creatures that I desperately wanted to go into. I couldn’t though, because I was too big to get into them. Where did I find these “tiny worlds”? Well, they were usually located in my very own bedroom inside of a small hole in the bedroom wall down at the baseboard level. Imagine a the typical mouse hole that you’d seen in cartoons or movies and that is basically what the entrances to these places looked like. Of course though, there never was any mouse.

Of my many projects I currently have in production right now, one of them is slated as a pure kid’s story involving the elements and “premises” that those old childhood dreams were based on. Well, actually, there really wasn’t any premise that I can remember but creating a premise isn’t difficult. The environment, the atmosphere, and a rudimentary concept of the characters, were already created by the dreams. The potential story itself, just needs to have a premise added than have all of the details fleshed out.

I guess the dreams were inspired by the cartoons, the stop motion and Claymation animated programs of the late 70s, and with Disney being a large influence in the contribution to the atmosphere and the character style in the dreams. Most of the time, it was like a Gulliver syndrome, where I was Gulliver and the hole-in-the-wall worlds and their denizens were the Lilliputians. I wanted to be a part of their world but just didn’t belong there. I do remember, however, that on at least a couple of occasions, I actually shrunk down to their size and was able to enter into and co-mingle with the denizens. I don’t know how it was achieved, the dream itself made that decision. I do recall that I wasn’t able to stay for very long and would find myself back to normal size, feeling bummed out, and longing to return to their world. I could talk to them through the hole, but they could not enter into MY world for whatever reason.

So these dreams inspired me to turn them into a kid’s story. They say that writing kid’s books is difficult but when you are a child at heart, it is a lot easier to maintain seeing things from a child’s point of view. Combine this with being able to remember a great deal of what my childhood was like, how I felt, and how I viewed the world, it is not much of a challenge for me to write a kid’s book. Just making sure to get the dialogue right, is really the only challenge I see. All-in-all, a story about a kid and a mysterious, magical world that exists beyond a hole in his bedroom wall that is filled with amazing and odd creatures, sounds like a win to me.

It may be worth nothing, that I have an interest in, and a desire to write in, many different genres. I do not yet know which genre I am the best at but I will find out. Drama, Children’s, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Teen/Pre-Teen genres are all on the drawing board right now and we will see which of those current styles turns out to be the best. Full-length novels, novellas, short stories, and screenplays, comprise the current formats being used for those styles so I am running the gamut of options.

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Lucid Dreams

We all have them, at least I think we all have them, at one time or another. Lucid dreams are dreams where you realize that you ARE dreaming while in the dream and can effectively control the dream as you see fit. Now, I don’t ever actually recall “realizing” that I was dreaming in the lucid dreams that I have had, but I was able to do pretty much anything I wanted in those dreams.
The most common abilities I have used in lucid dreams are: flying, gliding along the ground, being able to breathe underwater, immunity to all harm, magical powers (mostly spell-like powers derived from the Dungeons & Dragons RPG 2nd Edition rules), teleportation, and the unique ability to Quicksave and Quickload in order to undo poor decisions I make WITHIN the dream. Using one or more of these abilities in a lucid dream state is always fun and I’m usually bummed out when I wake up. Sometimes though, even when not in a dream where I feel like I have control, I’m still able to use underwater breathing or gliding.
To further describe the fun these abilities provide:

Flying – This one is pretty self-explanatory but for me, I achieve flying but starting from a standing position on the ground and jumping straight up into the air where I, “catch a wind current”, and am then able to fly along and control my direction.

Gliding – This is one is strange. What I do is, I normally jump off of something that is low to the ground but not at ground level, such as a set of steps. This allows me to very slowly float back to the ground but never actually touch the ground. What happens is, that I stop falling a couple of inches above the ground and enter a state of forward movement as if I’m gliding on a cushion of air. I get into a near surfer-like stance where I lean back slightly with one foot pointed forward and the other foot angled sideways and my knees slightly bent. I then glide around at running speed on the invisible “air cushion” and can apparently travel as far as I want under this form of locomotion. Onlookers in my dreams who see me do this, are always in a state of disbelief.

Underwater Breathing – Self-explanatory. With this one, I can breathe as normally underwater as I can when above water. There is no labored breathing involved, no struggling, no distress experienced going from a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere into a total liquid environment. Breathing underwater is as easy and effortless as breathing i the air itself. This ability also seems to be the one ability that I always have in every dream. It always came in handy in the daily tsunami dreams I used to have.

Immunity to All Harm – Again, pretty self-explanatory. This one just seems to go along as an automatic ability in lucid dreaming and doesn’t actually have to be “called upon” or “willed into existence” by me. I’ve been shot, stabbed, fallen from heights, burned, and even nuked in dreams where nuclear warheads have been launched and detonated nearby me. I survive it all every time and I do not automatically wake up at the same time when I should have been killed. The dream goes on but sometimes, like when I get nuked, I’m in a temporary ghost-like state as I can still see, hear, speak, and act despite the fact that I may be looking at my own body or charred remains/ashes. I’m assuming that most people don’t actually “die” in there dreams either but I think the “dream rule” is that you are supposed to wake up when you “die” in a dream.

Magical Powers – This one is always fun and allows for the most freedom. Normally, when I can call upon this lucid dream ability, I will also have flying, gliding, and every thing else at my disposal as well. I don’t have to recite any kind of magical words or phrases to use any of the powers, I just need t simply say the name of the spell I wish to use. As previously stated, the spell powers I find myself having, are taken directly from the 2nd Edition (and 1st edition) rules set from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons pen-and-paper RPG that I used to play religiously throughout the 1980s and early 90s. Usually, or perhaps, inevitably, because I HAD those kinds of powers, I preferred to act in an anti-social or criminal manner when using those powers. If I wanted to do something quietly without anyone hearing me, I would invoke a “silence spell” by saying, “Silence 15 foot radius!”. The spell wouldn’t silence ME like it did in the game, but would make any sound I made in a 15 foot radius around me, inaudible to anyone outside of that radius. If I wanted to throw lightning at someone, I would intone, “Lightning Bolt!” while pointing my finger at them. Great, great fun.

Teleportation – For those who don’t know what this is, it is the ability to transport someone or something from one physical location to another, instantaneously. I only ever seemed to have this power when I had the Quicksave and Quickload abilities available. To use teleportation; I had to close my eyes, concentrate on the desire to teleport, and then will it to happen. The ability was not foolproof in that it didn’t always work. Also, it always seemed like I could use it more than a few times as I would be concentrating on activating the power but it would just not function.

Quicksave and Quickload – for those who are not familiar, these terms come directly from video games. A Quicksave is a method of saving your current progress, status, condition, accomplishments, state of the game world, and everything else you have done in the game up to that point, with a single keypress. It’s called “quick” because normally, one has to back out to the main menu, then go to the save game menu, then choose a save game slot, then save the game, then return to the game. Quicksaving saves your game to one slot, the same slot, in the save game menu by pressing a single key only. A Quickload is a single keypress load game feature that only loads the save file you used the Quicksave feature to save with. Whew.¬†So now, in my lucid dream states, whenever I want to try something crazy or reckless in the dream, I would reach my hand out in front of me as if there was an invisible keyboard floating in the air, and I strike an invisible F5 key and quicksave my current state in the dream. Then I go and do whatever I had in mind to try. Usually, it would end up turning bad. So once again, I reach out and strike the invisible F8 key on my invisible floating keyboard and BAM, I’m right back where I was when I quicksaved and can start over from there consequence free. Clearly, I’ve spend many, many years playing video games for this power to even find it’s way in to my dreams.

Well, that about covers it for lucid dreaming. I don’t know what other people are capable of doing in their lucid dream states, but these are what I can do.

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Giant Things, Flying Things, and Zombies, Oh My

I had another one of those dreams, well actually it was a few dreams intertwined into a single dream, where I had to face off against some giant creatures. There is usually an advanced warning that something is on its way in these dreams and this one was no different. The setting was at night, dreary, quiet, with no traffic and no people around. In fact, oddly enough, the whole scene looked like a custom map made for Garry’s Mod. In addition to the pending “doom” of the arrival of this giant creature, there were zombies scattered around in various locals. In these dreams, I usually take a proactive approach and try to get the jump on the adversary. I made my way to where this creature was supposed to appear/arrive and waited around but there was no sign of it. I scanned the skies to see if it was one of the flying types, the kind that are impossible to hide from as they always know where you take cover and can always rip the roof of of the place you’re hiding in. I didn’t see one of the fliers around anywhere either.
These dreams with the giant creatures and flying creatures might have something to do with a form of megalophobia which I never considered myself having. Of course, they ARE dreams and as we all know, dreams are the subconscious mind’s way of reminding/informing you of things in your waking life that are affecting you or that need to be dealt with, but I digress.
So after no creatures showed up, even though I “psychically” KNEW they were coming, I found that something almost as bad had arrived; It was a giant tornado. It wasn’t a normal tornado, it was in fact, a tornado straight out of the “Tornado Map Pack” addon for Garry’s Mod. I had jumped into a truck/van-type vehicle in order to effect a get away but the tornado scooped me up. When it did, my dream turned into a third-person view and I watched myself lifted into the air, tossed around, and then dropped back to Earth. I knew there would be very little damage because in Garry’s Mod sandbox mode, you can fall for miles and only lose 1/10th of your health, which is exactly what happened. Why were elements of Garry’s Mod even being used in my dream anyway? I haven’t even launched that game in over a week nor have I even thought about it.
Sigh… so anyway, after recovering from that I cruised around through various buildings where I saw a few other people who were scrambling around. Nearby was a boat, on it’s side, about 40 feet long or so, just lying on it’s side on the ground with no water, lakes, or oceans in sight. I guess the tornado left it there, since that makes the most sense. About 20 feet from the boat, in the direction that the top of the deck was facing, there were two dudes behind a makeshift barrier and they were armed. They informed me that there were zombies in the boat and that there were preparing to emerge from below deck at any time. Of course, I suddenly discovered that I had a modified H&K MP5 with a bipod, so I set it up on the makeshift barrier and looked down the sights. A few seconds later, zombies started appearing on the boat’s deck. Now it was really dark and I didn’t actually see them come up through any hatches but there they were anyway so I started aiming and shooting. It was actually quite fun as the MP5 that magically appeared in my hands had no recoil at all and I was taking down zombies easily. The other two guys that were there were also shooting, I think, and I believe I only got 3 or 4 zombies before I ran out of bullets. So then I climbed up onto the slanted deck of the grounded boat and looked around for more. All I saw was a rusted-shut iron hatch and figured it was time to move on. something told me that I needed to make my way back over to where the giant creature was supposed to arrive, so myself and one of those dudes that was there at the boat began to head over there. Now, only a few feet from the boat, around on the other side of it, came another zombie. He came shuffling over a pile of debris that looked like something from out of The Terminator from one of the future scenes. There were several other similar piles of debris with what looked like bodies in them and some were burning with low flames. I had the MP5 in my hand, and some other rifle slung over my right shoulder, but neither had any ammo. I knew I had to take the zombie out so I grabbed a garden trowel that I saw on the ground, and I began stabbing it in the head over and over. To my chagrin, the garden trowel could not penetrate the zombie’s skull so my attacks were useless as it tried to claw me and bite me. My so-called “buddy”, who was helping me out moments earlier, was doing nothing to help me out now even though I called out to him. Poof… I woke up. I don’t know what happened after that, obviously.

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Great Beings from Beyond

So I have been trying to complete the layout/outline of the first part of my (hopefully) epic story. If only I could have another dream involving the antagonist of the story, I could finish designing his appearance.
Oh right, I haven’t introduced my story on this blog yet, and will keep all pertinent details to myself for now, to keep plagiarists away.
Let me put it this way… The protagonist: a Gulf War veteran turned private investigator who specializes in missing persons cases.
The missing person: a renowned anthropologist and archaeologist.
The antagonist: a great unearthly being straight from the pages of the Goetia, Book 1 of the Lemegeton.
The secondary antagonist: the right hand/slave of the antagonist, a human infused with supernatural abilities.

Quite a bit of research is required as various locales in the story are real locations, as well as real people and events. I need to make sure I get them as accurate as possible. The characters and primary events of the story will be fictitious of course.
The exact time line is not set but I have toyed with using 1999 with the story culminating on or before the 2000 rollover. I also considered using December 21 2012 for the climax of the story but I’m not sure if I’m going to use either one of those past “doomsday” dates.

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